Inter EAMCET Weightage | How the Intermediate weightage works in EAMCET?

Inter EAMCET Weightage | How the Intermediate weightage works in EAMCET?

The government had not taken any decision in giving the weight age to the intermediate marks in the EAMCET and even the GO is also not released by the government officially. The result of this is in future legal problems are raised which becomes a problem to the students as well as to the board. The decision of giving weight age to the inter marks is taken earlier by the government keeping in view the rural students and is implementing now itself and the government is giving 25% of weight age for the inter marks and the issue is to increase these marks to 50% for the year 2011 in the EAMCET. If this plan is implemented the issue is to be informed to the intermediate first year students beforehand so that the students can have prior preparation for the examination according to the government. The issue of giving 25% of the weight age to the students in the EAMCET is informed in the first year it that is in the junior inter only and the GO is also issued regarding that by the government.

According to the government, 50% of weight age is to be given to the students in the EAMCET by the year 2011 and the educational minister also promised that it will be implemented as soon as possible. But in the discussion that are made in the council meeting it is revealed that the issue is in the beginning stage only. The issue is pending because of delay in giving the Sets Dates. It is because of this delay many doubts are been raised by the students and parents that whether this scheme will be implemented even in the coming year or not? It is to be taken that without the prior notice or the GO released by the government the plan is not implemented. The junior inter students are going to take their examination by 10th of March 2010 but the government is not taking any respective measures in the weight age of the marks in the inter. If this issue is taken to the court many problems are created so there is no way just to wait for the GO.

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  1. my frd lost a medicine seat bcz of this weightage she got gud marks in eamcet eventhough she lost bcz of inter weightage

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