Interior designing Courses, Eligibility, Skills required, Opportunities and Salaries

June 29th, 2010| Education.

Interior designing Courses, Eligibility, Skills required, Opportunities and Salaries

Interior designing is having a lot of demand in residential and commercial fields. There are specializations like universal design and kitchen and bathroom design in residential design. They can start their career in commercial interior designing or interior space design contracts. In commercial interior designing there are specializations like furniture design, health care design, retail design, work space design and hospitality design.


There are different types of courses available in interior design. They are

  • B.Sc in interior designing
  • Professional diploma in furniture and interior designing
  • Master of interior architecture and designing
  • Foundation diploma in design


Those who have completed these courses can get wonderful offers in their career. Intermediate is the minimum qualification for these courses. They should have the skills to select attractive colors and designs which help them a lot. Higher education is not a compulsion for learning interior designing.


  • Design skills
  • Communication skills
  • Management skills
  • Co ordination skills
  • Observation skills


Those who have completed interior designing courses may start their own business or may also join any interior designing companies or can start their own interior decorating studios. There are many opportunities as landscape residential and commercial interior designer. Small as well as big companies recruit interior designers on the basis of contract or full time job. Self employment people work for more time and large construction companies recruit interior designers for more number of times.\


Building construction companies will offer a good job with attractive salaries for interior designers. The salaries are based on personal skills. In residential projects, self employed designers earn based on their working hours. In some places they also ask to pay some percent of the amount invested on furniture, lighting and art work. In the case of commercial projects, they pay some amount of fee for the whole project or based on the working hours.