Ipl.org is a Public library for internet users | Answers for every question are available here

September 25th, 2010| In India.

Ipl.org is a Public library for internet users | Answers for every question are available here


If the question what is IPL is asked, even a small kid will answer Indian Premier League.  If the same question is asked to a person who has computer knowledge the answer will be ‘Internet Public Library’.  If the resources from the Internet Public Library and the Librarian Internet Index (LII) website are linked, nobody can expect how much information can be obtained.  It need not be   said    how   much   such   website   will    be useful to the   students.  One such website is http: //www. ipl.org…

This website is a latest creation.  This portal was created by Drukcel Universities College of information science and technology, with the name ‘IPL2 The Information You can trust’ in January 2010.  This is a blend of information of various colleges and universities. This consortium main develops programs related to information technology.

Net Library

This is the first public library for internet users.  This portal helps those who search for information just like a librarian.

The idea to connect the library, librarian and the library users was first sprouted in a conference held in Michigan University in 1995. 35 students have worked hard for setting up this portal.

Whichever website wants to be a part of the IPL is allowed to link with this portal.  This portal encourages students, researchers, journalists and writers to send their articles, discussing on various matters.

Home page is attractive and pleasant to the eyes.  This is designed with pastel shades.  Five squares appear in the home page.  They are ‘Resources By Subject’, ‘News Papers And Magazines’, ‘Special collections created by IPL2’, ‘For Kids’ and  ‘For Teens’.  Subject wise information is displayed on clicking the first square.  The subjects in this square are Arts and Humanities, Business and Economics, Computers and Internet, Education, Health and Medical Sciences, Law and Government, Political Science, Reference, Science and Technology and Social Sciences.  There is a vast knowledge in stately knowledge under special collections.  Answers are ready for questions like how lava is formed, what is the height of the famous mountains, what is the national bird etc.  Literacy criticism has many websites designed by writers and the websites designed after them.  Famous works of various authors are available here.  Books can be browsed with their names.  On clicking the Research/writing one can get the whole information and details for research papers.  Check the other two squares by yourself.

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