ISAT model question paper category wise analysis |Maths, Physics and Chemistry Preparation tips for ISAT exam

October 9th, 2010| Education.

ISAT model question paper category wise analysis |Maths, Physics and Chemistry Preparation tips for ISAT exam
The questions in the ISAT are similar to the IIT questions and the experts are telling the level of questions in physics is more than the IIT-JEE level. The students who prepare for the IIT-JEE can easily attempt this paper but we can’t expect the standard of the paper as it is had been conducted only once.

Question pattern in ISAT 2010:

Subject Paper 1 questions Paper 2 questions
Mathematics 11 14
Physics 17 13
Chemistry 12 13

They are giving more importance to the basic concept and they can improve their application skills if they know the problem solving methodology. The physical chemistry in which the concept and problem solving requirement is more is very important and they should concentrate more. The electro chemistry, equilibrium, kinetics, properties and gaseous states are very important. The practice is only the way to get the grip on the theory based subject organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. The bonding, alcohols, ethers, phenols, acids and derivatives, alkenes and isomerism are important topics. In inorganic chemistry, the coordination compounds, qualitative analysis, chemistry of non-metals and metallurgy are important.

They should increase their knowledge by observing every aspect as everything is related to one another. They should concentrate on the concept and problem solving methodologies. Mechanics, thermodynamics, sound, optics, electricity, magnetism and modern physics are very important topics and they should have grip on these topics. They should observe that every nark is very important to score better marks in the country wide examination.

They should have full knowledge on the aspects to answer the questions in this category and they should know the related formulae. They should also solve the problems from all the possible ways and they should have application skills. They should concentrate on every topic as every topic is very important in the mathematics category.