IT job Opportunities in Infosys, Wipro, TCS | Appointment letters to the candidates who have completed their interviews

October 2nd, 2012| Jobs.


  • Improvement of recruitment opportunities in the companies of TCS/ Infosys /Wipro
  • The candidates who have completed their interviews they will get appointment letters.

As per the latest statements given by the Association of I.T. Industries and NASCAM, it is learnt that at present silence revolution is started in the last year down fall I.T sector. Therefore the engineering graduates may gain their employment opportunities in this sector. Minimum 80,000 candidates, who have completed their engineering course in this year June month, may gain their jobs in the famous I.T. companies in a short period. .


it_jobsThe companies of Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Accenture have sent their employment offer letters to the engineering candidates of 5 and 6th semesters. Now these candidates have completed their engineering course in June 2009. Their pending offer letters are under consideration by these companies. Therefore the candidates are going to be appointed in the coming month of March.

In view of international financial crisis, the candidates who were attended for interviews in their 5,6 semesters, and got employment offer letters have not considered so far by the respective companies . Therefore doubtful news has been circulated among the I.T. circle stating that such candidates may not secure their jobs up to 2011. Now this doubt has been cleared.

The companies functioning in several sectors have increasing their budget on IT. branch. The clients in these issues are taking very fast decisions. Based on the new contracts the I.T. companies are showing their interest to undertake immediately recruitment process. . Therefore the employment offer letters received by the candidates from the companies, like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, will be recruited in coming March month ending.

In the field of I.T. exports, the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is the first rank holder. During 2008-2009 the TCS has sent offer letters nearly to 20,000 engineering students. In this financial year they will be recruited. To this effect, in coming 3 months this company is providing jobs to the 8000 candidates. The remaining candidates may gain their jobs by the March month ending. At the beginning of this financial year the TCS has recruited 1800 candidates.

The Infosys Technologies Company is also coming forward to recruit candidates who were received their company offer letters. Based on the financial results related to the month of September in analysts meeting a announcement has been made stating that 20000 candidates are going to be recruited.


In this financial year in the field of exports of I.T services 4-7% development has been expected by the NASCAM. The TCS , Infosys , like important I.T. companies are very speedy in recruiting. Hence the NASCAM is thinking to increase the Export Development estimates. They may review the I.T. development estimates shown for the month of December.

In the recent analysis report against the matter of opportunities in the I.T. sector by the time of 2020, furnished by Mecancy which is famous Research organization, it is learnt that by the time of 2020 the export of I.T. 17,500 cores dollars may found from our country due to reforms, and considering the problems facing in the INFRA sector . By 2020 our country maximum 5000 cores dollars expected turnover of I.T is available. This is a highest amount than the amount of present I.T. exports income.

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