What is Jagan’s new party name | Series of events which led to the loss of ‘patience’ for YS Jagan

November 30th, 2010| News.

JAGAN What is  Jagan’s new party name | Series of events which led to the loss of ‘patience’ for YS Jagan

Jagan is all about to float new party in Andhra Pradesh. Jagan might make a formal announcement of his new party in the same time when new cabinet is about the take oath for their positions. After resigning to their posts and party, YS Jaganmohan Reddy and YS Vijayamma have reached Idupulapaya, Kadapa district by Venkatadri Express. They pay tribute to YSR’s at grave at Idupulapaya. Jagan has made it clear to his followers not to resign to their positions, but asked them to reach Idupulapaya. So, followers of Jagan working as MLAs, MLCs and other leaders are heading to Idupulapaya. Jagan will  meet them on 30th November and discuss future plans with them. Jagan already has taken a firm decision about new party. He has not decided regarding the naming of his party. Ex minister Balineni Srinivasa Reddy who is also a relative of Jagan, has said that Jagan would announce details about his new party soon. Jagan might conduct a public meeting to show his strength, and might announce party details amidst his fans and followers. Speaker Meera Kumar has not approved resignation of Jagan and she might approve it only after talking to him. Also, resignation of Vijayamma has not been approved still.

How Jagan lost his ‘patience’?

After YSR’s death, Jagan’s followers strongly believed that Jagan would be the next Chief Minister. Process of gathering signatures had also started. But, high command gave power to Rosaiah. Jagan’s followers thought Rosaiah as temporary CM. They were of firm belief that Jagan would be the next CM after Rosaiah. But, Kirankumar Reddy has got CM post. After that, Jagan’s uncle YS Vivekananda Reddy reached high command with an intention to get a ministry, and Sonia Gandhi gave immediate appointment to him. These advancements have irritated Jagan. This made Jagan to feel that leaving the existing party is better option. So, he has resigned to Lok Sabha membership and to congress primary membership. Actually, Jagan has took decision of resignation earlier itself, but has implemented now. Jagan reached Hyderabad from Bengaluru three days earlier. From that day onwards, he started discussing with leaders within his group. Sunday, 28th November 2010, a meeting was held by YV Subba Reddy in order to discuss about future plans of Jagan’s new party. Later, on Monday 29th November Jagan has resigned to his party and MP seat. Balineni Srinivasa Reddy told that Jagan will tour in Kadapa district and then will resume ‘Odarpu Yatra’ in Visakhapatnam in January. It has becoming an interesting topic to discuss, that Jagan has resigned to congress party but has suggested his followers to continue in the same party.