James Law Engineering miracles :Cybertecture in Mumbai TechnoSphere in Dubai

September 14th, 2009| Education.

If architecture is combined with technology, miracles can be created. We are using our energy to create buildings, roads. In future, 50% of people like to live in towns and cities. So, we have to give importance to constructions. Otherwise it will impact as loss to our environment. We have to follow the four issues of Tradition, Culture, Knowledge, Architecture in modern construction. Architecture should take responsibility to protect the nature. James Law did this in construction of Cybertecture in Mumbai TechnoSphere in Dubai.

Cybertecture in Mumbai:
It is constructed in egg  shape at Bandhra-Kurla complex. It is constructed in nearly 40,000 sq.feet area. New panels used and used the different kind of white glasses for this construction. Because of the Cybertecture is in egg shape, 20% of less space is consumed.Sky garden is there on top. The water from bathrooms will directly goes to flower pots. The temperature in side the Cybertecture is less than the outside temperature. It is good example of Green Building.

cybertecture 1 cybertecture 2 cybertecture 3 cybertecture 4 cybertecture 5 cybertecture 6 cybertecture 7 cybertecture 8

cybertecture, technosphereTechnoSphere in Dubai: It is 60 floor building in sphere shape. Offices, shopping malls, apartments will be there in this sphere. The area of Technosphere is 360,000 sq.mtrs. The built-up are will be nearly 10,000,000 sq.ft. The ‘Atium’ on the Technosphere will help in reduction of heat in the sphere. The cave shaped construction gives the good ventilation. It is designed on the base of Aero-space technology. The glass panels are the best examples of this.

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