Jasmine Cost | Jasmine Usage

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Jasmine Cost | Jasmine Usage

jasmine-flowerCost/Rates depending on the season

The rate of the jasmine flower depends on the season. At present in this summer, the rate of the jasmine is in between Rs.100 to Rs.200 per Kg. in case if it is the marriages season the rate will be above Rs.300. if seen as a garland, one-garland costs in between Rs.6 to Rs.10. excluding the festival seasons, the rate of the jasmine flowers will be high during the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday as these days are considered as the devotional days for the Hindus and where the prayers to the god’s are offered in large numbers. Comparatively, the rates of the jasmine flowers will be less on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Usage of Jasmine…

These jasmines give relief to the mind and heart and make s stress free.

-          The scientists are saying that by keeping the jasmines not only gives pleasure to the mind but also is good for the eyes.

-          By placing some of the jasmines on the stressed eyes, they get relaxed and one can have a sound sleep.

-          The jasmine flowers play a vital role in the beauty products like perfumes, deodorants, oils, and in the incense sticks.

-          The Chinese people prepare the jasmine tea, which is a very special tea.

-          The French people use the jasmine flowers in the making of the syrups that are helpful for the health.

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