Jeans – Symbol of fashion, first made for labor in factories I Industries based on Jeans

January 13th, 2011| In India.

Jeans – Symbol of fashion, first made for labor in factories I Industries based on Jeans

Jeans were made first in eighteenth century for labour. They were used only in factories and mines. But now jeans became a fashion statement and are widely used by everyone. Now across the world, a total of 300crore meters of jeans cloth are produced from 513 mills. The global market value of jeans is about 5160crore dollars now, and it is expected to reach 6500crore dollars by 2015.

Jeans production in India

In India about 60crore meters of jeans cloth is produced every year from 23 mills all over the country. Half of this is consumed in the domestic market and the remaining is exported. Every year about 4.5crores of jeans dresses are sold in India out of which 4.4crore jeans costs less than Rs. 1,000. Out of total jeans dresses 75% are men’s wear, 15% are women’s wear, and the remaining 10% are kid’s wear.

Jeans in Indian market

Jeans clothes value in domestic market is about Rs. 6,000crores. The growth rate of jeans market is about 12% every year. Out of this, branded jeans market value is Rs. 2,000crores. The growth rate of branded jeans market is 25% every year. The domestic jeans cloth market is expected to reach 53crore meters by 2015.

Future market of Jeans

Average age of Indians is 26 years and 72% of them live in villages. The usage of jeans is about 56% in villages and 44% in cities. As the usage of jeans in villages has grown remarkably in recent years, the demand for low cost jeans is growing.

Out of total jeans users, 49% are of age group 15-24, and 28% are of age group 28-39. The women of age group 6-24 are also using jeans, thus the demand for jeans is growing enormously.

Industries based on Jeans

The people of all age groups are using jeans now. This market is growing remarkably year by year. Creative youth have lot of job opportunities in this field.

  • Jeans washing and drying industry: This industry is meant to wash denim cloth in stone or acid washing methods, and made jeans cloth by dying it with several colors. This industry produces 1tonne clothes per day which has a value about 5crores.
  • Integrated jeans garment manufacturing industry:  This industry produces about 800 dresses per day. And the value of this industry is about 3.5cores.
  • Jeans garment industry (Small): This produces 100 dresses per day which is worth about 50lakhs.