Job opportunities in hospitality and hotel management fields | Qualities required for a candidate and training given for the candidate in hospitality courses

December 30th, 2010| Jobs.

Job opportunities in hospitality and hotel management fields | Qualities required for a candidate and training given for the candidate in hospitality courses

Hospitality and hotel administration is the best course which can be done after intermediate for getting a job. Hospitality is a degree course for new generation and candidate with any intermediate group can join in this course. By getting good rank in the national level exam, candidate can join a prominent college. After the completion of 3 year course, there is a bright future for the candidate.

Hospitality field is getting exploited and is (offering) many opportunities for the students. There had been many changes in the lifestyle of the human in the last decades. Tourism is gaining attention and middle class people are also sparing the time for visiting historical places and enjoying the nature. Demand for the jobs which welcome the tourists and offering them accommodation is increasing. There is a need for two lakh people in hospitality field every year but only ten thousand people are getting the degree every year. Youth is showing interest to enter this field as there are many opportunities.

Qualities required for hospitality

People having the interest to serve and serving nature will excel in this field. Patience, working for long time, activeness, expressing the feelings, spontaneity, hardworking nature and mingling nature are required for the candidates to settle down in hospitality field. People having these qualities can become experts by taking the basic training. Hospitality is not related to hotel management only, it is having career opportunities in camping sites, resorts, conference halls, amusement parks, service apartments, casinos, cruise ships, airlines, motels, spas, guest houses etc.

Front office, food and beverage, purchase, Kitchen brigade, accommodation operation, housekeeping services, sales, guest services, spa brigade, human resources, training, security, finance department are the various levels in the hospitality and management field. There are chances to enter different jobs like food critic, beverage analyst, bartender, food analyst, event manager and event organizer etc.

Training in hospitality

Hospitality and management courses are offered in degree level in various institutions as the management and hospitality fields demand is increasing. Training in this field is given the institutions which are recognized by the National Council for Hotel management and Catering technology. This institution is in Noida in Uttar Pradesh and is maintained under the guidance of Indian tourism department. 31 hotel management institutes are associated with this institution. Institute of Hotel Management, Counseling Technology and Applied nutrition are the institutes which are associated with NCHMCT. As the courses are offered by Indian Tourism Ministry Department, quality education can be obtained with nominal fee. The specialty of the courses is modern facilities, good faculty and advanced programs.