Kadambas rule in Karnataka |Kadambosthavam celebrated in Karnataka every year

November 20th, 2010| In India.

Kadambas rule in Karnataka |Kadambosthavam celebrated in Karnataka every year

Kadamba kingdomThe Kadamba used to rule the area near the Banvasi in Karnataka in the ancient days. Presently the area is in the North Kanara district. The Kadamba kings had extended their empire in the other regions of Kannada and they were the emperors for the Chalukyas and Rashtrakutas. They ruled from 345 A.D to 525 A.D and the dynasty was developed a lot during the rule of the king named Kakuthsa Varma. Before Kadamba dynasty, Karnataka was ruled by Satavahanas and Mauryas but they were not settled there. Kadambas were the kings who used the Kannada local language to communicate with the people. By looking at the history of the Karnataka, we can say that the Karnataka region was developed during the rule of Kadambas and the Kannada language had become the important languages of the Karnataka state.

The founder of Kadamba dynasty was Mayursharma and they had added Varma at the end of their names to change into Kshtriyas as they were brahmins before. Kakuthsa Sharma was the next powerful king after Mayursharma and he became famous king after Mayursharma. The Gupta kings in the northern region had made marriage proposals after knowing the greatness of the Kadambas. The Kadamba kings were contemporary to western Ganga family kings of Talakad and they established the dynasty together. One of the kings in the Kadamba dynasty who was named Shivakoti was fed up with the endless wars and had taken the Jainism. There is a special place for the Kadamba dynasty in the history of Karnataka and they celebrate kadambosthvam festival every year in their respect. Prenab Mukharjee, the ministers of India had named the place of Indian navy in Karwar as INS Kadamba.

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