Karwa Chauth Story

August 19th, 2011| In India.

Karwa Chauth Story

Karwa Chauth is a festival that is celebrated with great belief and faith by the married women of north India and north western India. Married women pray for long life of their husbands. They worship Goddess Gauri to bless them with blissful married life. In the evening women gather at a place and worship Gauri. Legends and stories related to Karwa Chauth are narrated by elder women. Women break their fast after watching the moon. They watch the moon through a sieve and latter they watch their husbands through the same sieve.

There is an interesting story related to Karwa Chauth. Once upon a time, a beautiful princess Veeravati who was married to a king went to her parents home on Karwa Chauth. She kept fast for the whole day. As she was too delicate she could not withstand the fasting and fainted. Her seven brothers could not see their sister suffer like this and decided to end her fast. They made Veeravati believe that moon has already risen by showing her some light of fire. She believed her brother’s words and broke her fast before the moon was raised. In the next moment she received news that her husband has died.

Veeravati, who was heartbroken, ran to her husband’s place. In her way back, Lord Shiva and Parvati appear before her. Parvati informed Veeravati that her husband is dead because she did not complete the rituals of Karwa Chauth and broke her fast by watching the false moon. She gives a moon to Veeravati that she would give back her husband but he would remain ill until Veeravati observes Karwa Chauth fasting for seven times continuously.

On returning to her husband’s house Veeravati could see her husband lying unconscious will needles pierced into his body. Each day Veeravati could remove one needle from the body of her husband. On one Karwa Chauth day, after performing fasting for the whole day Veeravati goes out to fetch something. At that time a maid removes the last needle from the body of the king. The king regains his consciousness and mistook the maid to be his queen. Veeravati was made to serve as a maid. Veeravati served her husband with same devotion and faith and continued to observe fasting on the next Karwa Chauth days also.  After she completed fasting of Karwa Chauth for seven years, the king realizes his mistake and accepted Veeravati as his queen. With patience, love and devotion towards her husband, Veeravati could get back her husband. This is the reason why married women pray to Goddess Gauri for blissful married life and long life of their husband.

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