Who was king Harsha? | Contributions of King Harsha

October 12th, 2010| In India.

Who was king Harsha? | Contributions of King Harsha

HarshavardhanaAfter the downfall of the Gupta dynasty, the north India was divided into small regions and the king Harsha was able to bring them under his control. He ruled the regions like Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bengal, Haryana and Orissa. He ruled the empire from 606 to 647 A.D and belongs to the Jat family. His father Prabhakara Vardhan used to rule the region near Haryana called Sthaneswaram. He declared the region as independent after the downfall of the Gupta dynasty. After his death, his elder son Rajhya Vardhan ruled the region and he later on made Harsha Vardhan as king and left to fight against the malva kings who captured his sister’s husband.

Harsha Vardhan had fought against the shahsank who killed his son and saved his sister. He then ruled the two regions and later on Sthaneswaram was made the capital. He continued to extend his empire by capturing the Punjab, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Orissa regions. He was very daring and brave king. He used to rule the kingdom very well and he used to take the decision s only after knowing each and every point. He had the grip on the literature along with the management of the region. He had written the drams like ratnawali, nagabandham and priyadrashaka. He died on the banks of the Narmada river during the war between the chalukyan kings in 647 A.D. again the north India is divided into small regions.

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