Lakshmi is the symbol of continuous effort | Jyeshtadevi is the sister of Lakshmi and considered the symbol of poverty

October 19th, 2010| Vastu.

Lakshmi is the symbol of continuous effort | Jyeshtadevi is the sister of Lakshmi and considered the symbol of poverty

Lakshmi Devi

Lakshmi Devi

Everybody understands ‘Lakshmi’ as only money.  But it is not correct.  King Dasaratha has all the riches.  He was never in need of money.  He wanted a son and that was the Lakshmi he wanted.

Duryodhana of Bharatham was the son of Dhritaraahtra.  He also had everything,  the kingdom (though it is not his own), throne and children.  But he is always under severe frustration and despair because he has no kingdom of his own.  So Kingdom is the Lakshmi for him.

There is a king Pariikshit in Bhagavatam.  He was cursed that he would die in 7 days.  He wanted to attain moksha after death and he was looking for someone who would teach him that education.  So Lakshmi for him is not money but Moksham.  Suka maharshi provided Mokshalakshmi to Pariikshit.

Panadavas had the support of Lord Srikrishna.  They are very skilled warriors.  They had a beautiful wife.  But they were worried over the victory in Kuruksetram.  At that stage they did not need money but the victory of Lakshmi.

Kalidas was a simpleton at the beginning.  He prayed to Goddess Saraswati for intelligence.  So the Lakshmi he wanted was education. Kuchela had 33 children.  He was very poor.  He wanted to ask for the help of Srikrishna.  According to him the only Lakshmi he wanted was wealth.

Savitri was the chaste and virtuous wife of Satyavanta.  When death God Yama was taking the life of Satyavanta, Savitri followed him.  Yama wanted to give 3 boons to her except the life of her husband.  In that situation the only Lakshmi, Savitri wanted was the Sowbhagyalakshmi, the life of her husband.

According to the puranas Lord Vishnu had two wives Sridevi (Lakshmi) and Bhudevi.  Bhudevi is the first wife Sridevi is the second wife.  To be wealthy, earth or Bhumi is needed.  Crops grow in the soil and the crop is converted in to money.  So the real Lakshmi is Money. So do not think that Laskhmi is the one whom nobody can see.  Even the crop can be understood to be Bhulakshmi.

Srilakshmi is called chanchanla (unstable).  Because when the money is in paper form it is spent for one or other thing.  We become poor when all the money is spent.  The money goes in to other hands.  So Lakshmi is called canchala.  Any wish can be fulfilled only with some effort.  Many people waste their time building castles in air without doing any effort. This is Jeshtadevi.  So elders say that people who try to fulfill their wishes can get the real Lakshmi, and Lakshmi herself comes searching for such people.  So working hard to reach the goals can be said Lakshmi and sitting idle can be called Lakshmidevi.

So the Goddess who is worshipped as Lakshmi can be seen in every wish.  But we should be careful about the Lakshmi which is in the money form. ‘Varalakshmi vratam’ is meant for such care.

What is Sankalpam?

While worshipping God daily we say our name, gothram, the place and time in which the Puja is being performed and for what purpose.  This is called Sankalpam.

Rukmini’s judgement

Rukmini is the wife of Srikrishna. Once Jeshtadevi and Lakshmidevi came to her house asked her to decide who was the greatest of them.  Rukmini asked them to walk before her some time.  Then Rukminidevi said that Jeshtadevi looks beautiful while going away. Jeshtadevi felt happy and went away.  Lakshmi stayed back at Rukmini’s house.

Jeshtadevi is the sister of Lakshmidevi.  Jeshtadevi is the symbol of poverty.  Jeshtadevi can be considered a symbol for lack of effort and Lakshmidevi can be considered a symbol for continuous effort.

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