Latest Changes in GRE examination process

July 7th, 2010| Education.

Latest Changes in GRE examination process

Many changes are going to be taken in the graduate record examination (GRE) which is conducted for the foreign education. The educational testing service had declared that there will be revised general test from august 2011. Every year 7 lakh people are writing the GRE exam and these changes are applicable for all the candidates.

The details of the revised general test are kept in the ETS website www. The graduate and business school candidates will have good grip due to this examination. The ETS had declared that the changes in the GRE exam will test the abilities of the candidates and this general test will test the thinking abilities of a candidate whether the candidate can join in the management and graduation courses. The fee concession is given for the candidates who write the GRE exam in the period from august 2011 to September 2011. They can pay only half of the fee.

The test score of the candidates who write the GRE in the august –September 2011 will be given in the November 2011. As a new test is included, the results will be late. The test score will be given in 10-15 days from December 2011 and those who want the test score in November 2011 should attempt this test.

Few changes in the new test:

  • The questions will be asked on the present situations to test the thinking ability of the candidate in such situations. This test is going to be an important test for the graduation and management course students.
  • The questions based on the word power, analogies and situations may decrease. The reading skills of the candidate are to be concentrated.
  • There are new facilities available in the exam. The questions in any part which we don’t know can be left and attempted afterwards.
  • There will be changes in the answering way also. We can write the answers in the form of numbers and more than one option can be marked. The answer can be written in an enlarged form than in a brief manner.
  • The on screen calculator will be available in the competitive reasoning part.

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