Latest trend…Young CEOs | Types of management schools in India | Different programmes offering by management schools

July 18th, 2010| Education.

Latest trend…Young CEOs | Types of management schools in India | Different programmes offering by management schools

The average age of a CEO, twenty years back used to be more than 55 years.  Ten years back it was more than 35 years.  Presently it has come down to about 30 years.  The reasons are changes in business environment, the urge to start own company/or business in MBA qualified persons.  Because of this there is more demand for qualitative M.B.A programs.

The past decade has brought a lot of changes in the management education.  Independent  management  programs affiliated to companies, foreign educational institutions has come up.  These management schools can be divided   in to  the following on the basis of the programs they offer….

  • Government  run IIMs.
  • MBA departments in universities.
  • Private colleges affiliated to the universities.
  • Non-affiliated management schools.
  • Institutes which offer dual degrees affiliated to foreign business schools.
  • Foreign universities offering online MBA programs.

The  advantages    of a management program depends on its nature, the course structure, importance given to the management formulae and network opportunities.

Variations in programs

Many management schools are offering programs with international syllabus depending on the economic conditions.  Particularly the management programs offer by India and China are challenging the world’s best business schools.  Harvard business school is also offering Executive Management programs as per the needs of Indian companies.  Following are the programs available in our country now..

  • General/sectoral/functional programs.  These are one year/two year full time as well as three year part time programs.
  • Executive MBA programs (These are offered by IIMs and other prominent business schools.
  • Distance education programs(IGNOU and other regular government/private business schools also offer this program)
  • Online MBA(mostly foreign universities offer this program)
  • Executive development program(these are meant for working executives)
  • Doctoral/faculty development programs.
  • Management research programs
  • International Exchange and development programs offered by foreign institutions.