Leadership qualities and communication skills must to be successful in corporate companies

November 6th, 2010| In India.

Leadership qualities and communication skills must to be successful in corporate companies

An MNC company held campus placement interviews in a top Engineering college.  As part of the interview, the candidates were divided into groups.  There were 5 members in each groups and each group was given a group task.  One of the candidates in a group completed his task before time working alone.  The other four members divided work among them but could not complete the work on time.  Nobody from that team was selected! Because, there is no team work in the group.  No member in the team showed leadership skills.  Nobody followed the deadlines.

Team work and leadership skills are the main qualifications for any job in the present scenario.  Not only at the time of promotions but at the entry level also. Companies are giving more importance to team work and leadership qualities.  Leadership qualities and communication skills are important for a good team work.

Communication skills

Communication skills – this word was not popular till 10 years back.  Now communication skills have become more important than subject knowledge in job interviews. The companies feel that good communicative skills help to work in a team.

Leadership skills

A prominent person has defined leadership qualities as ‘Leaders do not wait for opportunities.  They decide their aims and limitation themselves.  They search opportunities in challenges’.  And the companies are of the opinion that real leadership is to get the results through team work. A leader should be able to take decisions without haste, and he should be able to get the cooperation of the team mates and the courage to take risk is also important.  Good leadership is not saying anything about a book just by watching the cover page.  Corporate companies worldwide are searching for good leaders.  It is impossible to get a job in campus placements, seat in top business school or to be successful in an MNC company without leadership skills.

There is an inseparable relationship between team work and leadership skills.  That is why companies are testing the leadership skills of the candidates at the time of entry level interviews by means of group discussions and personal interviews.  To develop leadership skills, participate in team games and cultural programs in college days.  Try to develop the values, social responsibility, interest in persons around you and the society so that leadership qualities can become a natural characteristic.

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