Life Clinic Health Stations | Cheap rate to check the BP, Pulse rate with Rs.10

February 16th, 2013| Health, News.

Life Clinic Health StationsLife Clinic India launched blood pressure Monitors, health stations in Hyderabad.

These products will help us without taking much time to know blood pressure with in minutes.

Life Clinic India is partner to Life Clinic International, the manufacturer of these devices in America and exporting to world wide.

Blood pressure, Pulse Testing Machine costs from Rs1.72 lakhs to Rs12. 12 Lakhs machine can able to identify the hearing and eye visibility problems.

They have arranged 100 health machines in pharmacies, Apollo hospitals, Jet Airways lounges in Airports.

They are planning to start health stations on the name of ‘Any Time Health’ like public telephone booths.

Any body can check their blood pressure, pulse with Rs.10 only