List of Operating system works on Tata Indicom Internet | Bill payment of Tata Indicom Internet

October 13th, 2012| Prices.

List out on which operating system does the Tata Indicom Internet will be available for installation?
The below given operating system works along with the Tata Indicom Wireless Internet Service software are as follows:- Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98(SE) and Windows ME.

How would you set right, if some one calls to Tata Mobile when they are on an active call?
The caller will receive a busy signal if it is getting any data. If the phone is in “Dormant” state then one may be capable of getting calls.

In which manner calculation of MB be done?
The calculation of MB is done through the combination of information that is the upload and download, within the payment duration. For example, assume that 250MB is the free usage and the usage is 255.2 then it will be billed to the customer as 256 MB.

When will one has to pay the bill for Internet on mobile service?
The payment starts from the date of activation for Plan 1500. It depends on the utilization of wireless Internet.

If anyone would like to give up the mobile service, then how will they be charged against Internet?
If any one gives up the service in the starting, middle or last of billing month, Tata Indicom will bill them on pro-rata basis.