Long-term preparation for PG entrance exam | Marks in PG entrance test to get the seat

May 14th, 2013| Education.

Long-term preparation for PG entrance exam | Marks in PG entrance test to get the seat

The PG entrance examination to join in various PG courses in different universities of Andhra Pradesh is starting from the next month.  There is a heavy compilation between the students in the subjects Basic sciences and Biology at PG Level.  The student has to struggle a lot in order to obtain the M.Sc seat in university campus.  The most demanding subjects in the state are Chemistry, Bio Technology, Bio Chemistry, Micro Biology, Material Science, Nano Technology, Maths, and Physics. In order the get the seats in the above subjects at the university campuses the aspirants had done their preparation with a full-fledged plan.

Long-term preparation for PG entrance exam

The subjects that are selected at PG level by the student has to do the analytical preparation of Degree Level syllabus.  The students must know the conversion of different issues.  This knowledge helps as a basement to the aspirants of the Entrance examinations.  It is better to take strong discussion about the subjects they want to study in Postgraduate level in the First year of the Graduation itself.  During the preparation for the PG Entrance examination, it is better to recollect the Intermediate syllabus before start reading the Degree syllabus that helps as a foundation for the degree syllabus.

There may be many number of students who cannot spare much time for the preparation of PG Entrance due to Degree examination or any other various reasons.  This type of students must know the pattern of entrance examination question paper before starting their preparation.  In general, the old question papers are available in the universities.   The preparation materials like Old question papers and Model papers are even available in the bookstalls.  The student must obtain an idea on the scheme of the examination and the way of asking the questions in the old question papers.  With the obtained knowledge in the above two parameters the student has to start the preparation.

Most of the question papers in the subjects Micro Biology, Bio Technology, Bio Chemistry, Genetics are appeared in the English.  In some of the universities, the Chemistry question paper for the entrance examination will be given in Telugu Medium.

Marks in PG entrance test to get the seat

One can expect the seat in science subjects if the percentage of marks scored in the entrance test is between 60 to 70 in the present competitive field.  Every student whether in final year of degree or completed his degree course has to prepare around 5 to 6 months for the entrance examination.  They has study around 5 to 6 hours a day with full of concentration.  The doubts that are coming during preparation are to be clarified with the concerned subject experts or lecturers.