Lucky sentiments of Indian great celebrities

October 26th, 2010| In India.

Lucky sentiments of Indian great celebrities

Rahul Gandhi:

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi generally wears the white kurtha for the meetings when he goes outside and these kurthas are his father’s kurthas. They are sentiment for him and he thinks that they are lucky for him as he gets success in the work he starts. Priyanka Gandhi is also having the same kind of sentiment and she wears the saree of her grandmother Indira Gandhi.

Prem kumar:

Prem kumar

The Himachal Pradesh chief minister likes a chair which is an old one and he sat in the chair for five years when he was chief minister. The authorities had kept it in the store room and there were elections in the state afterwards. He lost the elections and he was elected as chief minister in 2007. He repaired the old chair before promising as chief minister. Now he is ruling the state by sitting in this chair.

Sachin Brother’s gift:


Sachin tendulkar will keep the knee pads to his legs and all the cricketers will do the same thing but there is specialty about the knee pads tied to his right leg. This knee pad is gifted by his brother and Sachin has a sentiment that he would play well by tying this to his right leg.



Vidyabalan has a sentiment that she gets more offers when she keeps the kajal to her eyes. The brand used by vidyabalan is not manufactured in India and she gets it imported from Pakistan to use it. She feels it lucky as she had got many offers in the beginning when she entered the film industry.

Salman Blue safety:


Salman khan is now wearing a bracelet which is containing a blue colored stone and Salman believes that the bracelet protects his health. He also believes that the producers of the films in which he acted were profitable after wearing this bracelet. Salman khan’s fans are also wearing this bracelet as a fashion.

Shilpa Shetty Watch:

Shilpa Shetty Watch

Shilpa Shetty tied two watches for her two hands and she had good time at that time. She started to believe that the watches are lucky for her and she advised her team members also to wear two watches.

Amithab Bachan Father’s watch:

Amithab Bachan

The watch which is worn by Amithab Bachan was the one at his father’s time and he believes that the watch is the lucky for him. An astrologist gave a ring to Amithab Bachan when he was in financial problems and he believes that the ring is lucky. He also started to wear the ring of his father’s and he thinks that the rings and the watch are lucky for him. After wearing the rings and watches, he started his second innings as artist and his son was succeed in the film industry.

Saurav Ganguly Kerchief:

Saurav Ganguly

Saurav Ganguly had the sentiment of keeping kerchief in his pocket and he feels that the team will be succeed when he keep the red colored kerchief in his pocket. Zaheer khan also has the same sentiment and he keeps the yellow colored kerchief in his pocket. The former Indian team captain Azaruddhin also had the sentiment of kerchief and he used to keep the black colored kerchief.

Rani Mukharjee House:

Rani Mukharjee

Rani Mukharjee had changed into new house and her career graph had fallen down. She is now saying that her old house is lucky even though it is small. So she is trying to change back into the old house which was lucky for her.

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