M.Sc Cosmetic courses in Anoos international Beauty School

July 7th, 2010| Education.

M.Sc Cosmetic courses in Anoos international Beauty School

The men are also taking care to be handsome along with the women in this generation. The demand to be attractive had increased as the job opportunities had increased in the media and entertainment fields. These are the reasons for the increase in the cosmetics and beauty care industry by 100 billion dollars. The Indian market had increased annually by 15 to 20% and the turnover is up to Rs.2000 crores. The increase in the technicians and the introduction of courses is the result of this increase. Few institutions are providing advanced diplomas and international diplomas in subjects like cosmetology, skin care, hair care and make up fields.

Those who got trained in these courses are having opportunities in the beauty clinics, cosmetics, spa etc fields in India and other countries also. Based on the field, they can start their career as skin care consultant, certified aesthetician, manicurist, pedicurist, hair care specialist, spa administrator, beauty school instructor etc.

M.Sc course:

There are no PG level courses in the cosmetology before two years and so the anoos international and JNTU are combinedly providing the M.Sc cosmetology course. This course is started in 2008 and as a part of this course, there are subjects like laser, electrolysis, weight management, nutrition, medical aesthetics, aroma therapy and spa are taught which are advanced clinical services. The certificates are given by JNTU for those who completed the course. Any candidate who completes degree can apply for the course and the admissions are given based on the degree marks and interview.

There are international facilities and experienced faculty in the Anoos international Beauty School. The duration of the course is two years and there will be four semesters. Each semester is for six months and one lakh is the fee for the semester. The educational loans are provided for few students by SBI, HDFC and SBH banks. The last date for the applications is July 26th. The classes will start in the august and the applications are available in the anoos branches and online. www. aibs.in