Maitraka kings rule in India | Maitraka dynasty was established by Senapathi Bhatarka

January 7th, 2011| In India.

Maitraka kings rule in India | Maitraka dynasty was established by Senapathi Bhatarka

Maitraka kings dynasty had ruled Gujarat in the west India from 475 to 767. They had made Vallabhi as the capital and ruled the empire. Senapathi Bhatarka was the person who established the Maitraka dynasty and he was the governor of the Saurashtra region during the Guptas rule. He had declared as the independent ruler of Gujarat at the end of the 5th century. Bhatarka and Dharasena I used to call themselves as Senapathi but the third ruler Dronasimha had declared himself as Maharaja. The next king Guhasena stopped using the word Paramabhattaraka Padanudhyata at the end of his name. The word gives the meaning as Guptas are the kings of Maitrakas.

After Guhasena, his son Dharasena II had ruled the dynasty. He used call him as Mahadhiraja. His successor was Siladitya (Dharmaditya). A China traveler named Hiuen Tsang had praised Dharmaditya as the great king with kindness and compassion. Siladitya was succeeded by his brother Kharagraha. The information about Kharagraha was given in the copperplate grant in 616 CE. According to the information on the copperplate, Ujjain was also under the rule of Kharagraha. The northern region was also included in the dynasty during the rule of Dharasena III and the next king Baladitya married the daughter of Harshavardhana. His son Dharasena IV had been given the title of Paramabhattaraka Mahrajadhiraja Parameshvara Chakravartin. The next ruler was Siladitya III. The historians believe that the Arabs had fought against them during the rule of Siladitya V.  The last king of Maitraka dynasty was Siladitya VII.

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