Making of Colorful Maya Bazaar | Mayabazar behind the screen | How NTR�s Maya bazaar created in Color?

February 22nd, 2010| News.

Making of Colorful Maya Bazaar | Mayabazar behind the screen | How NTR�s Maya bazaar created in Color?

Maya Bazaar

The Gold Stone technologies of Hyderabad made a statement that they are having the latest technology with them through which the black and white movies are made into color. The result of this statement is the technologies got many offers from the Hindi and Kannada film industries. As said by the company it made two old films into color and gave to the film industries where the movies became a bit hit and success. But from the Telugu industry no one came forward to remake the old movies to color. Instead of waiting for the others to come and offer Mr. Jaganmohan got an idea that he himself can get the patent rights of the film Maya Bazaar and remake into color film. Even the Gold Stone Chairman also gave green signal for the idea of Jaganmohan and the result of this idea is the remake of the old film Maya Bazaar in color.

It is not an easy way or process to color the movie especially for the famous movie Maya Bazaar. So before hand a research team is been arranged by the Gold Stone technologies and the duty of this team is to watch carefully each and every scene without any fail and has to submit the report like whether that particular scene is a marriage or war and the location whether it is a garden or a war field. Some other observations like the things that are used in each and every scene etc; and in this way each and every scene is noted in the book with great care and observation because it is on this notes the framing of the color to the movie is depended. This is the first stage and it took nearly two and half months to get perfection in this stage.

The second stage deals with the clothes of the actors. The artist had to be very careful in designing and coloring the garments because the garments that are used in the occasion of the marriage are not used in exile and in the same way the same garments are not used in the war field. The same designing of the garments should not be there in all the occasions. So that the designer and the artist had to be very careful in coloring the garments according to the situation. There ends the second stage. There comes the real challenge and the last stage which is the coloring of the artists.


The character of SashiRekha in the movie is 16 years teenage girl and her skin is different. The skin tone of Lord Sri Krishna is totally different from that of the normal human beings. There are all types of ages in this movie starting from the teenage to old age. The skin tone depends on the age and without knowing the age and the skin tone all the characters on the screen appear alike. So it is very important to differentiate the age and the suitable skin tone for all the characters in the movie. For the team of Jaganmohan the character of Lord Sri Krishna is a challenging ones because it is the character of the god whose skin tone will be totally different of the normal human beings. Many discussions are been made to decide the skin tone for the NTR who acted as Lord Krishna in the movie Maya Bazaar. Finally only 25% of the expected color is used for the character of Krishna in the movie. Finally the whole team worked well on the selection of the color and skin tone of all the characters in the movie which is really a challenging part for the team members. It took nearly nine months for the team to make it into a film. The next challenge for the team is the sound system.

New Track

All the sound tracks in the movie are damaged completely and are not at all audible to the ears. So almost all the sound tracks are re recorded without damaging the base track. Next to this stage is changing the movie to 70MM screen and DTS mixing. Finally it is equal to the making of a new movie. The whole process took one year and all the challenges are meeting by the team members successfully. Around 165 members work hard for the making of the movie. The final result is colorful movie Maya Bazaar.

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