Management candidates Recruitments – Many kinds

July 17th, 2010| Jobs.

Management candidates Recruitments – Many kinds

There is a huge change in the recruitment methods of management candidates.  To have technical  knowledge  has become an added qualification for the candidates.  There is a shortage of candidates as the number of small and middle scale industries are increasing.  There is a chance of more recruitment in these industries in the future.  Now-a-days recruitments are in the fields of education,   IT consultancy, KPO, services, communication, healthcare, infrastructure etc., The present trend in the recruitments is not going for the candidate for his qualification but for his worth.  Even in the salary matters the companies are taking in to account the worth of the candidate for the company.  Following are the things that the companies are looking in a candidate….

  • How much the candidate is helpful for the growth of the income of the company.
  • Can the candidate create new business opportunities for the company.
  • The ability to build a successful team and human resource management skills.
  • The ability to widen the market of the company.
  • The ability to maintain better standards in performing the duties is also assessed.

Changes in system:

To recruit an eligible and meritorious candidate, companies are following various methods.  Some of them are…

  • Companies recruit candidates through management trainee schemes.  This is a traditional method.  The recruited person will work in different levels and get experience.
  • Another method of recruitment is internship.  To get a job through internship is easier than campus placements.  Companies also could assess the candidates during internship.
  • Short term projects which can be finished   in a day or two are given to the  candidates who are selected  during campus interviews.  Candidates can prove themselves through these projects.
  • Latest trend is to give special training through campus incubation centers.  A few candidates are selected from the class rooms of business schools.  Creating office environment, giving them projects and there by training them and recruiting  them , are done.  Companies train the candidates according to their own needs in this method.