Mango Fruits…Medicinal values …How the mangoes are getting golden shade using chemicals

April 9th, 2013| News.

Mango Fruits…Medicinal values …How the mangoes are getting golden shade using chemicals

Every one recollects mangoes in the summer season. Nice taste and yellowish color will cause watering of the mouth. This fruit has adequate nutrients and medicinal values. There are about 36 kinds of mangoes nation wide. Among them, Banginapalli, desavaali types, Suvarna rekha, Peddarasalu, Rasalu, Neelam Himaayat, Totapuri, Sundari rakam, Amarapaali, Mulgoa, Panchadaara, Jangeer, Dil Pasand, Arkapuneet, Daseri, Alphano, chinna rasalu and others will arrive to the market as soon as the season starts.

Surplus Nutrients

Mango fruits provide Vitamin A, C and other nutritive values. 100 grams of mango contains 0.6 g proteins, 16.9 g carbohydrates, 2743 Micrograms (µg) carotene, 14 milligrams calcium, 16 milligrams phosphorus, 16 milligrams vitamin C, 1.3 milligrams iron, 0.4 grams cholesterol, 0.7 grams fiber, 81 grams moisture. It serves as a divine medicine for growing children and pregnant ladies.

Tasty delicacies

Mango fruits are used in the preparation of sweets, juices, different drinks. Ice cream, custard, aamkhand, mamidi tandra and others can be enjoyed. Also, pickles, jams, squashes, aamchoor, juice powder are prepared using mango. Compared to yester year, prices of kilo mangoes have increased to Rs. 20 to Rs. 30.

Golden shade using chemicals

Golden shade mangoes will attract the customers in the market. To get this color, farmers are using copper sulphate color on the fruits. Though there is difference in taste because of artificially ripen fruits, there is good market for them.

Scientific name for Mango is Mangifera Indica. It is a seeded fruit. It is grown mostly in Indian subcontinent.

Medicinal values

  • Unripe fruits contain acids and ripe fruits contains vitamin –C.
  • When the fruits gets ripen, the acids turn into sugars.
  • Mango fruit juice will work as a good anti-oxidant.
  • Subtances present in the Mango fruit will be useful in digestion.
  • Cholesterol substances will be present in small quantities.