Maniratnam VILAN – RAAVAN movie releasing on 18th June as VILAN in Telugu

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Maniratnam ‘Vilan’ – ‘Raavan’ movie releasing on 18th June as ‘Vilan’ in Telugu


Inspired by some scenes from Ramayana epic, director Maniratnam is making the movie ‘Raavan’. Vikram, Abhishek bachchan, Aishwarya rai are playing lead roles. This movie is being dubbed in Telugu as ‘Vilan’. But, Abhishekh is replaced by Malayali actor, Prithviraj in the Telugu and Tamil versions of the movie.’ ‘Raavanan’ is named as title for Tamil version. But it is supposed that this title will not be liked by the Telugu people. So, the title Vilan has been confirmed. Music is given by A.R. Rahman. By now, dubbing task for Vikram’s character has been completed. Vikram dubbed for himself in the movie. This movie is slated to be released on 18th of June 2010.

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