MAT Preparation in the first 20 days | Language comprehension, Intelligence and critical reasoning and General awareness in MAT

MAT Preparation in the first 20 days | Language comprehension, Intelligence and critical reasoning and General awareness in MAT

Fundamentals should be concentrated by the students who are appearing for MAT in the first 20 days. Percentages, time-work, time- distance, profit – loss, various interests, number systems, quadratic equations from algebra, progressions, modulus, inequalities, permutations and combinations from higher mathematics and related topics should be studied in mathematical ability.

20 questions are asked from arithmetic and 20 from higher mathematics in December MAT. Venn diagrams, bar charts, pie charts, tables in data interpretation and column graphs should be practiced every day. Vedic mathematics will be useful to increase the speed of calculation and good score can be obtained by the students by practicing previous years question papers.

Language comprehension in MAT

Reading comprehension passages will be of 600 to 800 words which are given in MAT exam and so it is very important to read the passage fast. Each passage should be completed in 3 to 4 minutes. So practice should be done by reading popular English magazines and newspapers. In MAT in December 2010, passages are asked on negotiation skills, America global planning and environment related articles. Answers to the one word substitutes, blanks and vocabulary part can be known by studying 2000 to 2500 vocabulary words, word roots and suffixes.

Questions will be asked on summary, identifying the mistakes and paragraph jumbles. In December MAT in 2010, 10 questions are asked from vocabulary, 10 from grammar and 20 from comprehension.

Intelligence and critical reasoning in MAT

Questions are asked on blood relations, number series, letter series, blood relations, linear arrangement and other topics. In critical reasoning, statements and conclusions, arguments, assertion and reasoning are questioned. In the previous MAT exam, 20 questions are asked from analytical reasoning and 4 from critical reasoning.

General awareness in MAT

The score which is gained in this section is not considered for to count the total marks but this marks are given in the score card. Few colleges will give importance to the marks gained in this section and by preparing this section, candidates can easily attend the group discussions and interviews.

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