Mathematicians Career in various fields, Opportunities, Scholarships and Higher studies with maths

December 15th, 2010| Education.

Mathematicians Career in various fields, Opportunities, Scholarships and Higher studies with maths

Different Higher study routes with Maths:

Eligibility Entrance
Intermediate (maths) IIT-JEE – integrated M.Sc, M.Tech
Degree (maths) B.Ed, M.Sc maths, M.Sc and integrated P.Hd in IIT, integrated P.Hd in IISC
M.Sc (maths) M.Tech through GATE, P.Hd and MS in foreign countries

Mathematics Scholarship:

The national board of higher mathematics is giving scholarships for the top students who are pursuing their PG in mathematics.


Mathematics career scope:

  • Home tutor
  • School teacher
  • Junior, degree college lecturer
  • Engineering college lecturer
  • Reader, assistant professor and professor in universities.
  • Non academic competitive exams faculty (RBI, Bank etc exams)
  • Academic competitive exams teaching (IIT-JEE, AIEEE, CAT, MAT etc)
  • Software analyst / engineer
  • Jobs in Financial service companies and research labs

Mathematics demand in coaching / teaching / tutorial fields

There are many students who join in the tuition centers for the mathematics subject and they feel the subject very tough and difficult to understand. The failures are also more in the mathematics subject only during examinations. These two factors tell the importance of mathematics and its demand. They can work as teacher and tutor and it is easy to get Rs.20,000 per month as mathematics tutor for the M.Sc mathematics candidates. The number of schools increasing in India is facing the problem of deficiency of the mathematics teachers. As the importance of the Olympiad and talent search exam is increasing, the demand for the mathematics teachers is also increasing. The demand for the IIT-JEE coaching is also increasing in many top schools and so the demand for the lecturers is also increasing their demand. The management entrance exams like CAT, MAT, and ICET etc are giving more importance to the mathematics subject and the arithmetic and reasoning sections are also a part of the mathematics. The number of coaching centers is increasing and there is a deficiency of the teachers and the banks are also giving the advertisements for the faculty in the mathematics subject as it is very important subject. They can do the job of faculty and get good pay in the coaching centers. The mathematics candidates are easily facing the examinations than the other subject candidates.

Mathematicians demand in foreign countries:

They can excel a lecturer in the foreign countries like USA, UK, and Singapore etc as there is deficiency of lecturers in the mathematics if they complete the B.Ed and have good knowledge of English language. They can get the salary in large amounts.

Maths in software:

The combination of mathematics and computer science is excellent and this leads to the new technology. The popular software company like Infosys is providing opportunities for the M.Sc mathematics candidates and the candidates who are studying in universities are easily getting the jobs.