Mathematics preparation for EAMCET-2011 | Topic wise weightage and reference books for EAMCET 2011

February 7th, 2011| Education.

Mathematics preparation for EAMCET-2011 | Topic wise weightage and reference books for EAMCET 2011

EAMCET…is the first target for lakhs of intermediate students in the country. In order to secure good score, the students start preparation from the day 1 of their intermediate. The schedule for the EAMCET-2011 is released and the exam is been conducted on May 8. Preparation that is done for the last two years is one step and how to get through the subject to secure good rank is the major thing in the next three months. It is the responsibility of the students to go through the preparation in a scientific manner. So here are some subject wise preparation tips.


  • After the intermediate examinations, there will be 45 days of time for the EAMCET preparation. Among these 45 days, the first 15 days are to be allotted for the chapter wise preparation. Rest of the days, the student had to prepare for the grand tests.
  • Speed and accuracy are the major tips for the objective questions that are asked which are based on the intermediate syllabus.
  • Fundamentals are to be learnt full fledged and this paves correct path for securing good rank.
  • In order to secure a good rank, one must have command on the topics like integral calculus, 3d- geometry, quadratic equations, complex numbers, vector- algebra, trigonometric equations, pair of straight lines, binomial theorem, matrices, definite differential calculus and circles. Concentration is to be made on these topics after intermediate.
  • Practicing with the tips and short cuts that are given by the lecturers in the class are very useful for the student so that the speed will be increased and time management is habituated.
  • There are more number of chances for asking questions from Calculus and Algebra and so it must be kept in mind.
  • It is very important to concentrate on the modulus, amplitude, cube route of unity, fourth route of unity in the complex numbers and their related problems as more number of questions are asked from these topics.
  • It is very easy to identify the logics when dealing with the binomial theorem and its related problems. One has to get good command in identifying these logics.
  • Trigonometry equation, quadratic equation, maximum-minimum and number of root problems.
  • It is very important to read the synopsis that is given at the beginning of each chapter.
  • A notes of our own is to be prepared during the time of preparation. In that notes all the chapters are to be covered and by allotting four pages for each chapter and note down the important points. Some of the objective tips are known when solving a problem. Such kinds of tips are to be noted in the notes immediately.
  • This kind of notes preparation with important points will be very useful. With this process, the whole syllabus which we read two years can be revised in just 30 minutes.
  • Usually, the students prepare for both IIT-JEE and EAMCET, as the syllabus is the same for both these exams. The only difference is seen in the range of the questions that are asked. So if there is command on basics on each topic, it will be very easy to prepare for both the exams.

Topic wise Weightage in EAMCET in  2 previous years

Topic 2009 2010
Algebra 19 19
Calculus 19 17
Trigonometry 11 11
Coordinate geometry 21 20
Vector Algebra 4 7
Probability 5 5

Here are some of the reference books for preparation:

  • Previous EAMCET solved papers
  • EAMCET Mathematics – S Chand Publishers

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