MCA Career options / jobs in Banks, Software companies and BPO

February 6th, 2013| Education.

MCA Career options / jobs in Banks, Software companies and BPO

Many people think that candidates with computer education can work only in software companies. But they have opportunities in other places also.

Network/Database Administrator:

Companies work is mostly carried out using computers. Services of Networking experts is necessary in these companies if the computers start giving trouble. The deleted data or lost data can be recovered if its place is known. For this, database administrator service is necessary. All the companies have IT/Network departments. Many companies are recruiting the candidates with computer background in academics for the post of network administrator.

IT officers in Bank

Many banks are announcing the recruitment of IT officers in the recent times. They play a key role in the smooth flow of work of bank transactions. Graduation in computer science is the qualification for these jobs. There is an increase in number of IT officers needed with the increasing number of bank branches.


There are many kinds of jobs present in a software company. Main career options are coding (programming), testing, networking, database management, web designing, animation and others.

To become a programmer, one has to have command on C, C++ and have to learn at least one subject of dot net, java, SAP (ABAP). Many other allied courses are also present. But they can be learnt after joining a job. For example, dot net candidates can learn sharepoint, biztalk, SQL BI and others to improve in the job.

For settling in the testing field, one needs to have command on manual and automation testing both. They need to acquire proficiency over win runner, load runner, quick test profession (QTP) rational robot and other tools.

To excel in networking, one finds beneficial in doing the courses of CCSA, CCSP, Network security and ethical hacking, Linux and etc. For settling in Database management, one needs to have proficiency in SQL Server, Oracle and DBA courses.

Web designer candidates will be benefited if markup language, style sheet languages, client side scripting, server side scripting, data base technology, multimedia technology courses are learnt. They can have job opportunities as application developer if command over server side script is got.

To settle as an animator, one should complete 2D and 3D animation courses.


BPO finds top position in the growing businesses of India. Famous software companies like Infosys and Wipro are giving importance for BPO services. More job opportunities are present in the technical side. Basic qualification for such job is graduation with computer background. B. Tech (computer science) and MCA students are eligible. Many companies like Dell, Brigade, GE, IBM, and Accenture are offering BPO services.