MCA Certifications | Success formula for MCA students

December 23rd, 2012| Education.

MCA Certifications | Success formula for MCA students

Any course in the software field has some certification tests to test the proficiency in that aspect. Microsoft for dot net; Cisco for networking; INTQ for testing…. these certifications are present for each category. Companies are giving importance for the candidates who complete these certification tests. Certifications are the additional attraction for resume.

Success formula for MCA students

Software means working with new technology. So it is necessary to get those relevant updates in the respective field. One should understand them quickly and should study each aspect deeply.  One should be ready to learn new things even continuing with the career. Constructive ideas, analytical ability are most important. Should have soft skills. Should be able to apply the learnt technology in a new manner. All these will be helpful in leading career as a software engineer.

  • These skills are must…..
  • programming skills
  • logical, analytical mind
  • technical skills
  • day to day updation
  • soft skills
  • written and oral communication skills

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