Medical transcription… Eligibility, Responsibilities and Required skills details

July 31st, 2010| Education.

Medical transcription… Eligibility, Responsibilities and Required skills details

Medical transcription had increased to the equal level of doctors, nurses in the health care field. Medical transcription is the process of converting the voice recorded message into the text form. When there is a need of storing the medical records, this transcription had been introduced into the market. The people who convert the recorded message of the doctors and convert it into text are celled transcriptionists. The doctors will dictate the health details, progress notes, referral letters and medical documents. They listen to the voice recording of the doctor’s and convert the same into text form.

Required skills:

  • They should have a grip on the medical terminology for those who select the medical transcription as career. They can detect the mistakes in the recordings and correct them.
  • They should have the knowledge in English grammar, spelling and they should be capable of understanding all the accents of all countries.
  • They should have good communication skills and memory power.
  • Most of the work of the transcriptor is to listen the recordings of the doctor and so their hearing capacity should be good.
  • They should have typing skills, computer knowledge and they should have the capability to learn new things fast. They should know the changes that take place in the medical field.


  • The main duty of the transcriptor is to maintain the medical records, name and social security number in a proper order so that thy can easily identify when required. If there are any mistakes in the records, they should only correct the mistakes and keep them in correct order.
  • They should perform the references in advancements and new technologies.
  • The transcriptors should take of the mistakes which occur during recordings and due to doctors fault.
  • They will order and maintain the machines which are required for the patients.


Those who have good grip on English language and medical technology can start their career as medical transcriptionist. This is the good option for the people who completed B.Pharm/BHMS/BAMS/BPT and have interest in other field. The medical transcription is the good option for those candidates who want to do part time job and the recordings are sent to them through mail.