Milestones in India in 2010 | Important changes and events in India, in the year 2010

December 28th, 2010| In India.

Milestones in India in 2010 | Important changes and events in India, in the year 2010

  • Gold and silver prices

In the year 2010, gold and silver have witnessed highest ever prices in record range. Ten grams gold reached Rs. 21,000 mark while one kilo silver price touched Rs. 45,500. These prices are expected to raise still. Debt crisis in few countries, instability in equity markets, tensions over dollar exchange and others, can be regarded as causes for raise of gold and silver prices.

  • Indian stock market

Stock market has reached record mark after world economic recession. Sensex was 20,073 on 24th December 2010. Highest ever mark in this year was 20,893 which was recorded on 4th November. This year more than one lakh crore rupees worth FII investments have come to Indian markets.

  • Symbol for Indian Rupee

Indian currency has stood among important currencies of the world such as Dollar, Euro, Pound and Yen. A new symbol is given for Indian rupee as a symbol for raising importance and for stability of Indian financial system.

  • Deal between Ambani brothers

There was a rivalry between Ambani brother (Mukesh and Anil) which was resolved this year. Both of them have come to a deal where one will not enter in to the business of the other one.

  • 3G services zoom

After long period of conception, 3G services are now made available. BSNL and MTNL are already present in this field of 3G services, now private operators have entered in to it.

  • Corporate foreign shopping

Indian corporate companies have shopped much in this year. All the merges and purchase dealings done by corporate this year, is of worth 55 billion dollars. These purchases are belonging to various fields.

  • Value of issues

There are many raisings of public issues this year. New companies came in to IPO. Some of them are microfinance, fitness, coaching institutes. India stood at fourth place in fund raising through public issues.

  • More number of scams

In the year 2010, more number of scams have come under light. 2G spectrum, housing loan scam, and others are prominent. According to CAG report, Rs. 1.76 lakh crores government money has been stolen through all these scams.

  • Petrol bomb

Regular hike of petrol rates is one of the most impactful issues on public. Price of liter petrol in the year 1989 is Rs. 8.50 but now it has reached Rs. 60 mark.

  • International dealings

Thousands of crores worth dealings have been done by India with major countries. American President, Barack Obama and China President have come to India for such dealings.

  • Microfinance companies

Microfinance companies which have become popular by providing micro finances for self help groups are facing bad days in the 2010 year ending. SKS microfinance has come to IPO. With the ordinance given by AP government, bad days are expected to continue for microfinance companies.

  • Na’NO’

Tata Nano car which has attracted world’s attention by standing as middle class people’s car has faced tough situations this year. Craze and demand for Nano cars have declined and this is evident for decreasing number of sales.

  • Ratan Tata stood as Face of the Year

Ratan Tata, chairman of Tata Group has faced many obstacles in this year. He has got stuck up in controversies this year. He stood as Face of the Year by approaching court and for various issues.

  • Automobile sales

Automobile sales have accelerated with full speed this year. New records have been set up in automobile sales in 2010. Hero group and Honda have got separated this year. Maruti 800 car is being prevented from usage on major cities.

  • Ipad and iphone 4

Apple Company which attracts the world with revolutionary technology and products has done the same this year also. It has released Iphone 4, a latest from Iphone series. Ipad also released this year and it is getting record level sales. Both of them are going to hit Indian markets next year.