Mobile Number Portability Costs Rs.19 | How to do MNP?

November 22nd, 2009| Uncategorized.

mobile-number-portabilityThe Telecom Regulatory Authority of India announced mobile number portability (MNP).

MNP provides a facility that without changing mobile number we can change in to other network, so our network will change but our old number will remains same.

The TRAI decided Rs 19 will be the charge to change one telecom operator to other telecom operator. So we can change our mobile network by paying Rs19.

TRAI ordered that portability charges should not be more than Rs19.

In December last week MNP facility is available in Metro cities.

This service will be available national wise by next year March.

How to do MNP(Mobile Number Portability)?: If customer wants to change other operator, customer should have to take permission of new operator. To complete this process, 4 days will be taken.

Experts saying MNP is a best chance to new telecom operators. But Nielsen survey is saying that 55 percent people are satisfied with their existing telecom operators.

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