Mobile trading helps to trade through mobile phones | BSE and NSE had created the softwares for mobile trading

December 13th, 2010| In India.

Mobile trading helps to trade through mobile phones | BSE and NSE had created the softwares for mobile trading

Mobile trading

People can know the details and information of the stock market if they have the mobile in their hands. They can buy, sell and get the stock market updates within minutes in their mobile. The banking services are available through mobile and so the stock market trading is also available. The BSE had started the mobile trading and the NSE will also start the mobile trading in November, 2010.

Uses of mobile trading
People can do the online transactions through mobile which means that the people can do all the trades like the sensex, Nifty live updates, futures, options and buying and selling the shares. They can get the details of 30 shares such as change in the rates, last trade price, selling details and buying details. They should use the broker software for trading.

Working of mobile trading
The mobile trading is available only in the GPR enabled mobiles and special software is created by the exchanges for the mobile trading. The BSE is introducing the software with the name ‘fast trade’ and the NSE is introducing with the name ‘now’. We are able to see the sites in the mobile until now with a time delay of 10 to 20 minutes. Now there is no time delay and we can see the updates very soon after downloading this software. We should download the special software from brokers to do the trading and there are 900 brokers in the BSE. The software is available only with 33 members. The exchange will soon provide the software to all the brokers.

Configuration of mobile phone to carryout mobile trading
The mobile trading can be done only in GPRS handset and it can’t be done in every mobile. And the handset should configure MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1 along with the java enabled handset. The SIM card should be advanced GPRS activated and the NSE is providing the opportunity to avail the mobile trading from every mobile which is GPRS enabled.

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