What is mutation in the purchase of landand How to get mutated? | Steps to reduce the land disputes?

October 23rd, 2010| In India.

What is mutation in the purchase of land and How to get mutated? | Steps to reduce the land disputes?


There are many IT professionals who buy the flats from the known realtors and fly to America on the job purposes. There won’t have the time to come and see the flat while they were in America. They won’t know the changes and they won’t pay attention towards the flat. After few days, there will be a great venture in the place of flat and the IT professionals who return after many days fight with them. They can’t know where they had done a mistake.

What happens?

The people won’t register the flat in the revenue records and so they face the problems with the land. They should register their plot in the revenue records or they should do mutation to the land or the plot. The laws will change according to the developers and ventures. So we should register in the revenue records as soon as we take a plot or flat. Then there won’t be any problem for the people.

Change is compulsory:

Many people have the doubt up to what level the revenue authorities will protect the land or plot. Many people go to the mandal revenue office for the mutation of the agricultural land. They will take the ROR document, pass book and title deed but the mutation won’t be done. The sub ordinates of the revenue officer should work properly and obey the orders of the revenue officer. If they won’t obey the orders, the people should face the problems as there will be names of the old owners.

What are the mistakes?

Many people think that they get all the rights after making the sale deed of the agricultural land. Even though they are the owners, they should get the mutation done in the revenue office. The plots are taken back by the owners from the people who bought the lands if they don’t get them registered in the revenue office. There are other cases where the plots are taken by the owners even after 13 years. This type of incidents took place in Nagaram, Ameenpur and Rampally. We should see to that the plots should be recorded in the revenue books correctly. They should get the documents of the agricultural land every year and keep a copy with them. So there won’t be problems in the future.

Neighborhood states:

The revenue records are very good in Maharashtra and they maintain a book for the registrations. They lands should be sold and bought without this book in Maharashtra. All the registrations should be in this book. There will be a separate column for the registration details in the book but the registration department is not taking care to enter the details in this column. The revenue department in Andhra Pradesh had also made the rules to introduce the passbook for the agricultural land but they are making the changes in it and dragging it. The changes are made because few farmers are taking the passbook but few others are not taking. So the revenue department is not able to make the changes strictly as they are getting stressed.

Now most of the revenue department and registration department are almost computerized and they are connected to each other. They should see to that the registrations in the register office should be recorded in the revenue department also. Most of the land issues will be settled if the registrations are notified and they are recorded. In the same way, the lands and the ventures which get the permissions should be registered in the revenue office and they should get the required documents with the details.

How to get mutated?

We should do the registration of the agricultural lands after paying the money and we should apply to the MRO with the sale deed and record of rights copy. The MRO will move the documents forward when there are no restrictions. They give the MRO passbook and RDO deed based on these details.

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