Mysore got 4th rank in World Tourist Places Survey of The New York Times

January 25th, 2010| News.

Mysore is one of the beautiful cities in the world which stands for its royalty and richness. According to a survey conducted by The New York Times it stood 4th place in the world tourist places and Mumbai which is one of the famous financial state is in the 13th place and Srilanka stood 1st in the place among all the states in the world. It is also said that the yoga centers in Mysore had their mark in the world which are regarded as famous for yoga trainings.

The specialties’ of Mysore city are the practicing of the Sanskrit, ayurveda treatment and many site seeing places made this city to become so famous and popular in the world. Besides these specialties’ the love and affections and the arts and culture of the people of Mysore bought such name and fame to the city. The New York Times had mentioned the love and care of the Mysore people by the incident that took place during the time of the attack that took place one year back and this is shown by drawing a picture on the wall which passed for one kilometer distance.

The Patagonia Wine country of Argentina stood 2nd position in the list that is mentioned in the list by New York Times. In the list there comes the Los Angles in the 11th position and Los Vegas in the 17th positions according to the statistics of the survey conducted. Coming to the states in the Asian countries, the Cuckooed in the Thailand is in the 6th position, Shanghai in the 12th, Shenzhen in the 20th, Istanbul of Turkey in the 19th position, Koulalampur in the 30th and Nepal in the 31st position.

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