Natco Swine Flu Medicne Costs Rs.480 (M.R.P.)

September 20th, 2012| Health, News.

natco swine flu medicineNatflu medicine which is used for remedy for Swine flu is released by Natco Pharma on 21.9.09. The dose consists of  10 tablets. This Natco Swine flu is costs Rs.480 (M.R.P price).

It is available in main medical shops in Hyderabad. And it is also available in 25 MedPlus shops. Natco Pharma already distributed 1.25 lakhs doses in to the market. And by end of October month, there will be 10 lakhs doses in the market. These Natco Capsules will be available by this week end, in all over India including main cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune.

Medplus has made agreement with Natco to sell the Oseltamivir medicine with its own marketing department. Natco is releasing pediatric syrup for swine flu shortly.

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