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February 7th, 2010| Education.

The NCC training is very useful for the student to get good discipline and dedicated mindset which decides the character and these days NCC training has become a craze in many colleges and by joining in this training the students are benefited very much which helps in their future which sounds good. NCC National Cadet Core is started in the year 1948, July 16th which brings out the talent and strength in the students and makes them a powerful and fully dedicated in their life. There are two divisions to join in this NCC training and they are the senior division for the boys and senior wing for the girls.

NCC training program is divided into five sections and they are as follows:

1)Samsthagatha Training 2) Social Development 3) Sports and challenging training 4) Youth Exchange Program (YEP) 5) Career Counseling.

The camp training is one of the important parts in the NCC training program and these camps are useful to inculcate the lessons that are learnt in the samsthagatha training. The students can experience the excitement when they visit new places and their interaction with the unknown persons and the camps like unity among the country men, Republic Day, Leadership develops the students thinking capacity and expands their thinking power and mental ability. There is also an opportunity to meet the important persons through YEP training program.

Encouragements and Benefits

Qualifying in the A, B, C certificates examination is very important for the cadets and these certificates are useful in multipurpose situations in the future. Many encouragements are been given by the Central state governments, cadet welfare societies and many corporate societies which are divided into four types which are as follows:

1) Educational Concessions

2) Employment Concessions

3) Cash awards/ prizes/ medals/ trophies

4) Scholarships.

There are special reservations for the NCC cadets in the air force, navy and army. There are even exemptions in the written examination conducted by the UPSC and bonus marks in the Admissions. Special importance is been given for the NCC cadets in the admissions into government jobs.

Educational preferences

There are special reservations of seats for the NCC cadets in engineering and medical colleges who qualified in the entrance examinations. A special merit list is been prepared by the NCC based on the merit of the students. For the NCC cadets, there is 1% reservation in the engineering colleges (700-800 seats), 0.25% in medical colleges (5-7 seats). In the same way some reservations are given for the NCC cadets in other institutions also and they are as follows:

MBA/ MCA courses are having 1% reservation nearly 300-400 seats.

For PG courses 1% of reservation is given which means around 200 seats.

1% of reservation for LLM/LLB courses which means around 15-20 seats.

For DIETCET and EDCET 1% of reservation which is around 30-40 seats are been reserved.

By participating in the NCC competitions, the cadets can get the certificates, medals, trophies, and merit certificates from Governors, prime Ministers, and from many important persons and there are even scholarships for the students who participated in various camps. For further information and details regarding the admissions into this NCC training program log in to the official website www.

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