New Syllabus for EAMCET | Modifications in EAMCET syllabus

January 5th, 2010| Education.

New Syllabus for EAMCET | Modifications in EAMCET syllabus
New syllabus is been prepared for the entrance exam for EAMCET 2010 and it is done based on the Intermediate syllabus which is framed by the committee formed by the Board of Intermediate Education. The reason for this designing of the syllabus is the change that took place in the last 2 yrs syllabus which is changed. There are even changes that took place in the question bank which is prepared by the inter board. Due to the changes that took place in the state the date of examination for the EAMCET and other entrance examinations is not yet decided.

Modifications are done in the syllabus of Intermediate 1st and 2nd year in the year 2008-2009. After the modifications the subjects like Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, zoology are added in the syllabus and some subjects are removed from the syllabus. The same changes took place in the syllabus of these subjects in the year 2009-2010. The students who did their 1st year in the year 2008-2009 had to modify the syllabus to prepare for the EAMCET 2010. There are modifications that took place in preparing the model question bank for assisting the professors during the time of preparing the question paper. At present there is the 2007 question bank that is available for the preparation. It is common that the paper setters taking the questions from that 2007 question bank and preparing the question paper. In the last year there are mistakes happened in the question paper and giving marks for the mistaken questions is known to everyone. The result of these mistakes is that the talented students get spoiled and they will get fewer score and cannot reach their target.

No chance for CBSE, ICSE!!!
The students of both CBSE and ICSE from many countries are applying for the EAMCET exam. But the students applying for the exam is only limited and for example 3.84 lakhs of engineering and medicine students wrote the exam and among these students 3000 students are CBSE and ICSE. So based on this the questions are framed based on the inter syllabus for the EAMCET 2010.

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