Next 200 in One Day International Cricket – Who can acheive? Sehwag or Gambhir or Dhoni?

March 29th, 2013| News.

Next 200 in One Day International Cricket – Who can acheive?
Sachin after making a double century against South Africa has said that he wishes an Indian should break his record. Sachin didn’t say these words accidentally; he might have a strong confidence on the talent of Indians. But the record set by Sachin is not a usual one to break. It is created after 40 years of the commencement of one day cricket. This is not an easy record to break though any record will be broken at some or the other time. Modern cricket is changing fast, so we can see two or three players in every team who have the ability to break this record. Who is the person who is going to make the second double century in the cricket?

Sehwag: The first reply to the question regarding the second Indian person who has the ability to make a double century. He has more that 100 strike rate as an opener in one day cricket. More the time he is in crease, more is the runs from him. But he will try to hit every ball very hardly. This is his strength and weakness also. For making a double century one should have ability to stay in crease for longer duration. Should have skills in shot selection. Top to all, he should go forward with mind game as like Sachin’s innings. Sehwag has the quality of playing longer innings. He has to improve in the other two qualities. Once, we analyze his statistics, any one will say, he is the next person hitting a double century. Many records like two triple centuries, fastest double century in tests, fastest century in one days among Indian batsman are some of his milestones in his career. He is super form now with 49.41 average and 1779 runs in the last 38 one days played in the last two years. There are four centuries in it. This average is much more than his overall average of 34.25.

Gambir: The next name heard after Sehwag is Gambhir’s. He will not hit the ball as hard as Sehwag, but he has nice shot selection, long lasting innings and smart batting. These qualities placed him in a special position in international cricket. Gambhir’s dedication towards the play cannot be questioned since he feels every match as his last innings. Coming as one down batsman now, after world cup he might be promoted to the opening position. He has scored 5 centuries in the successive test and also showing nice performance in the one day. In the last 24 months, 51 one days are played scoring 1683 runs with an average of 40. Among them are the three centuries along with one 150.

Dhoni: Another batsman who has the ability to score a double century is Captain Dhoni. But the draw back is that he comes low in the batting order. But sometimes, he comes in one down position also. He scored more runs when coming as one down batsman. Till now 162 one days, 17 times he came as one down batsman, scored 993 runs with an average of 82.75. Two centuries are present in it with his highest score (183).

When it comes to international players, Dilshan (Sri Lanka), Chris Gayle (West Indies) and Brendon McCullum (New Zealand) are mentioned as the players with ability to score a double century. But, Gayle and McCullum are inconsistent in their performance, so it would be an unbelievable record if they score a double century.