NIFT Model Paper – Bachelors of Design Courses, Bachelor of Fashion Technology (Apparel Production)

February 4th, 2010| Education.

General Ability: The questions from this section are basically from the related topics and besides this, there are 10 to 15 questions even from the fashion field, for example, the questions like ‘what is the new brand for the Raymond’s Company? Who is the important share holder in the Textile export business?’ And so on. That is the reason why the students have to be familiar with all the topics like fashion, textile besides social and political matters.

Creative Ability Test: This test is mainly conducted to test the skills and creativity of the students. For example, showing the village atmosphere in the form of a drawing or drawing a picture which resembles the village atmosphere and so on.

Bachelor of Fashion Technology (Apparel Production):

General Ability: This paper will be in the model of Bachelor of Design Course only.

Material Ability Test: The candidate will be tested in two different sections and they are the case study and logical ability. In the case study, a particular topic or problem is given and asked the candidate to give his decision on this problem. For example, to provide a solution for the problem where the employees are doing summits and so on. The main weapons for this section are logical thinking, truthful acquaintance and analyzing capacity and the same is with the logical ability too but the questions are in the form of theory only in this test.

Master of Design: There are general ability test and creative ability test in the admission test for this paper. But the range will be high in asking those questions.

Master of Fashion Management and Master of Technology: for these two tests the question paper model is the same which consists of the general ability test and managerial ability test papers.

Situation Test: This stage is very important for the students who are qualified in the written tests and in one way, it is like practical test and it mainly tests the creative skills in the students. For example, designing a mobile phone with the help of a match box, straw, buttons and color papers.

Group Discussion and Interview: This is conducted especially for the admission into Masters Degree. In the group discussion the candidate had to discuss on a particular topic for 15 to 20 min and to go through this stage, good knowledge on the social matters and good communication skills are needed. And coming to the interview, the interest of the candidate in this particular field is examined. The candidates who qualified in the situation test, group discussion and interview are given seats through the centralized Counseling process by NIFT in New Delhi.

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