NTR Blood Bank – First organization to get NABH recognization | Apheresis, Coagulometer and sterile conductors are present in NTR blood bank

NTR Blood Bank – First organization to get NABH recognization | Apheresis, Coagulometer and sterile conductors are present in NTR blood bank

It takes 1 to 2 hours of time to separate the platelets from the blood but apheresis is the device which can be used to separate the platelets and plasma from the blood while taking the blood from donor. This modern device is available in the NTR blood bank and there are automatic machines which test whether the blood is infected or not. Normally the time taken to test the blood is three hours but this machine will test the blood in 18 to 25 minutes of time. The results are given before the window period which is for three days in the case of HIV. Sterile conductor is the device which stores the blood to be given to the small children and coagulometer which tells the percent of plasma in the blood are also available in the NTR blood bank. As the blood bank is having the modern devices, it had got the ISO 9001-2000 certification and NTR blood bank is the first one to get this certification in Andhra Pradesh.

One lakh donors in NTR blood bank:
NTR blood bank is providing its services since three years and this is only the blood bank which is having the list of 1,28,000 donors. The details of the donors will be based on the blood group type and area. The blood is sent to the places within an hour after calling to the call center. This blood bank is also the one which is collecting the rare blood group which is Bombay phenotype blood group. There are details of 100 donors who are having the Bombay blood group and it is to be noted that the details of a complete family with Bombay blood group are registered in this blood bank. The call center will be working for 24 hours and this is the first organization to get the NABH (National Accreditation Board of Hospitals) recognization in India.


In the time of Dengue:
NTR blood bank had provided the platelets to the government hospitals when the cases of dengue fever were more. This is the only blood bank which is supplying more number of components in the blood. NTR blood bank is following the government rules and is providing 30% of the blood to the government hospitals. The people who are having the white ration cards are provided with free blood and they are selling the unit of blood for Rs.600 for other people. They are maintaining the blood banks in Hyderabad and Guntur also. They are trying to establish the blood banks in Tirupathi, Vishakhapatnam and Karimnagar in future. The NTR blood bank had also applied for the RBT permission to the government.

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