Number Portability | How to change the service provider with the same existing cell phone number

September 21st, 2012| How To.

number-portability in indiaGood News to Mobile Consumers. Number portability facility will be available in India from 31.12.09. If any cell phone user wants to change the service provider, with the same existing number, that process is called NUMBER PORTABILITY. The details of �Number Portability� are given below.

This facility is going to available from 31 December 2009,in A grade service places like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata. And it will be available in all other cities by 20 March 2010. This facility will be there in Licensed Service Areas only.

This option is available for the customers, who have completed 90 days with the previous service provider. So, after taking a new connection, minimum 90 days has to wait to transfer the number from one service provider to another.

First, the mobile user has to approach the new service provider, and has to apply with application form. And also user has to pay the charges to the new service provider, according to their tariff.

Consumer must be cleared all bills at old service provider, and should get the clearance certificate from old service provider, before approaching new service provider.

And the application can also be canceled within 24 hrs, if the consumer desires to take back his / her application.

Telephone operating companies have to complete this transfer within 4 days. But it will be 12 days in Jammu & Kashmir, Assam and Eastern states of India.

This facility will increase the competition between service providers, so consumers will get more quality services to continue in their own network.