Objective of PRS India | PRS India provides the information about the law to the people

December 3rd, 2010| In India.

Objective of PRS India | PRS India provides the information about the law to the peoplePRS India

Most of the people think that law is not understandable and it is given in many pages. If we keep the normal people aside, the MPs also do not have proper awareness about the law. PRS legislative research is the one which is established to change these situations. C.V Madhukar, Bangalore is the founder of this PRS India and it was established in 2005. The Sports Foundation and Google gave the funds for it. According to one survey, MPs in the parliament are using 4% of information from PRS India. So the information in the PRS India is prepared by consulting judges, senior leaders and other people. They store the information about the laws made by states and they are performing the workshops across India to bring the awareness among the people about law. PRS India is conducting written exam for the people who are studying law and those who are doing PG every year.

They will give two laws in this paper and the students should write essay on one of the topics for three pages. They will give prize money of Rs.25,000 for best essay. It is very important to give the information about laws to the people’s representatives and there are many organizations in other countries for this aspect. PRS India is only the organization which is trying to bring awareness in the people about law in India. PRS India will do the research on the bill which is going to be introduced in the parliament. It will check with other bills which are similar to this and it will also compare with the laws in foreign countries. They will write from 4 to 6 pages on this issue and send them to more than 500 companies, MPs and NGOs. They will also publish this information in the website prsindia.org

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