Obtain death certificate in Lucknow-Obtain death certificate in Uttar Pradesh

May 25th, 2012| Death Certificate, How To, In India, Uttar Pradesh.

Obtain death certificate in Uttar Pradesh


In Uttar Pradesh, all the deaths occurred shall be  reported and registered within a prescribed period of 21 days. After a period of one year from the date of occurrence of death of a person, the registration can be done on the order of first class magistrate.

Reporting and registration of deaths in Uttar Pradesh can be done by any of the family member or head of the house if the death occurred at home. If it has occurred in a hospital, maternity home or health center, the case can be reported by medical officer in charge or any other officer in the hospital. The deaths that occurred in jail shall be reported by the jail In-charge, the persons in charge of dharmashala, boarding house or the moving vehicle are authorized to report the matter to the authorities. If a person is found dead in a public place or a body is found deserted, the headman of the village/in charge of local police station are eligible to report the death.

Death certificates in Lucknow, Kanpur and Ahmadabad in Uttar Pradesh can be obtained by submitting the application in prescribed format along with fee as fixed by local authorities. The death certificates will be issued to the applicant by the local bodies in the jurisdiction in which the person was living at the time of his death.

Concerned authorities for issuing death certificates in Uttar Pradesh are the municipal corporation, Nagar Palika, Nagar Palika Parishad. Documents that shall be submitted along with the application for obtaining death certificates in Uttar Pradesh are the application form, prescribed fee, certificate of proof of death and an affidavit for delayed registration of deaths.

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