How to obtain driving licence in Haryana?-Obtaining driving licence in Gurgaon

May 8th, 2012| Driving Licence, Haryana, How To, In India.

Obtaining driving licence in Haryana


Driving licence in Haryana should be applied for to the authority having jurisdiction in the area where the applicant resides. The applicant should complete 18 years for driving private vehicles, 16 years for driving vehicles up to 50 cc engines and 20 years for driving commercial vehicles.

Documents required for applying to driving licence in Faridabad, Gurgaon and Panipat in Haryana are the Form No.1 which is medical certificate from doctor with photo of the applicant and form No. 2 which is application form for learner licence with photograph. Documents that should be enclosed with the driving licence application are the ration card with affidavit or voter list identity card or life insurance policy or valid passport or employers certificate for residence proof. Attested copy of education certificate or birth certificate or valid passport or employers certificate should be enclosed as age proof certificate.

Permanent driving licence in Goa can be obtained by those who have a valid learners licence between 30 days and 180 days from the date of issuing the learners licence. After submitting the application along with the all the required documents, the officials will scrutinize the documents and the applicant will be called for a driving test. The applicant will have to bring his own vehicle with him.

Renewal of driving licence or obtaining duplicate driving licence in Haryana is possible by applying to the Licensing authority concerned. The driving licence has to be renewed after its validity is expired. Commercial licence has to be renewed every year.

Duplicate licences in Haryana can be obtained in case the licence is lost, theft or is mutilated. For this the applicant has to submit the application form LLC, FIR of the lost licence and prescribed fee.

International driving licence is issued by concerned licensing authority in Haryana. This driving licence would be valid for a period of one year.

Fee for learner driving licence in Haryana is Rs. 30, for permanent driving licence it is Rs. 200 and for competency the fee is Rs. 50 and for renewal of driving licence it is Rs. 200. International driving licence in Haryana is issued for a fee of Rs. 500.

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