Online Banking and Shopping online need to check bank account details regularly

August 20th, 2010| Uncategorized.

Online Banking and Shopping online need to check bank account details regularly

Banks are competing with each other in serving the customers with various facilities like phone banking, ATM, Internet banking etc.  There are of course some problems with these facilities.  These are mostly caused by the negligence of the customers.

The best place for online banking activities is the house.  Outsiders can not access the details on the personal computer.  Do not use the systems in cyber cafes or offices.  Others may observe the maintenance of the account.

Take some precautions if it becomes necessary to use the out side systems for online banking purposes.  Finish all the work once you enter the bank site.  Logging out of the site is compulsory.  There would be no use if the web site is closed with out logging out.  There may be a danger of directly entering in to the account if some other persons open the bank web site.  Some sites offer to remember the ID and password.  Do never choose the option.

Shopping online

First find out whether the goods you want to purchase or being produced or what.  Keep all the mails received and sent in connection with the purchase of the goods including the order you have sent.

Make a complaint to the Customer grievances department through e-mail if the goods are not received are received in damaged condition.  Give all the details like the date the order was placed, serial number of the order and the amount paid.  Ask them to confirm in how many days the problem can be solved.

Find the details

Find the details of the accounts regularly.  Take extra care when using credit card for purchasing.  If there is any doubt, check all the bank and credit card statements.  Inform the banks immediately if any bills for goods which are not purchased are received.

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