Opportunities for Women in CDSE | CDSE Benefits | Promotions in CDSE

November 16th, 2012| Jobs.

In the past there are opportunities only for men but now even ladies are eligible to get this job by writing the Officers Training Academy test. The selected women candidates can be in service for 10 years or 14 years based on the Short Service Commission basis.

CDSE Benefits

There are many benefits like high range of accommodation facilities, concessions in all the fields, age relaxation of up to 10 years for appearing for the civil exam, lifelong free medical facilities for the family, insurance security, food products from the subsidy rates, free train and air journeys, low interest rates, paid leave up to two years for higher studies and foreign trips occasionally. There are in total 60 annual holidays, 20 general holidays and free education for the children and reservations in the employment and scholarships.

Promotions in CDSE

The salary will be the same though the departments and positions vary from each other. In Army the highest position is Chief of Army Staff and in the same stream the posts like Navy Admiral and Air Chief Marshall in Air Force are given the same salaries though the positions and categories differ from each other. There are 8 stages in between the highest post and that of the starting position. There are promotions for every 2 to 3 years. If the candidate is in the service for 12 years there are chances to become Lieutenant Colonel, Wing Commander and so on. The candidates who are getting jobs in Chief of the Army Staff, Admiral and Air chief marshal are the candidates who are selected for the CDSE only.